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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Hello everyone,

It cannot be denied we get numerous invitations to dinner parties whether work related or not and finding the right evening dress to wear can be overwhelming at times. For the ladies who have no idea what to wear without going overboard can look at these three evening dresses. The women who want to look glamorous can opt for an evening dress with embellished jewels or sequins. However, make sure to choose an evening dress with embellishments that enhances your figure. Avoid selecting an evening dress with too much sequins or jewels as it would hide the beauty of your face.

The second type of evening dress is definitely a must-have for any women to store in their wardrobe at home is a black coloured evening dress. This is because black dresses are versatile for women to wear to any occasion or event without ever looking out of theme. Besides that, it can also be matched with anything and it will look gorgeous on you. One of the best reasons black colour dresses does is it gives women that nice slim figure. This can definitely help you hide the bulging tummy of yours after your dinner meal.

Lastly, every women should always have a pastel coloured evening dress in their safe keeping. Whether a beige, cream, pink, light yellow,lavender or light blue, pick the colour of the dress which complements you skin tone and flaunt it in front of others with confidence. Pastels will definitely bring out the elegant and feminine side of you. If you are wondering where to get these three beautiful types of evening dresses, have a look at ZALORA’s website as it offers a wide range of evening dresses online for women to choose from various local and international brands. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Dear Lord,

When feelings of insecurity, jealousy, self doubt or any other bad feelings creep into my heart please help me to see myself the way you do. And always remind me that there are better things ahead if I don't give up now. If I ever do something or come across something that is against your religion, please don't let me stray away and lead me beautifully to the right path.