Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


People around me will always go "you are always so cheerful, its like you never have any problem". Trust me, I do have problems. Maybe mine is greater than yours, I just choose not to care much because hmm I don't know I'm tired.

3 years ago, someone said this:

"You're not that good, you're not pretty either. Your face is full of pimples and you are an ignorant shit. You're so full of yourself (in a bad way) and please what I've been telling you all this while were lies, and you are stupid enough to actually believe them. You are an ignorant stupid person, you can go live your life like that..."

I can never fully write what that person told me because it's so heart breaking and hurtful. They are so rude and it's not something that you should say to a person. And even after all these while, I still have tears in my eyes reading them.That was like the worst moment of my life, being insulted in a way you can't imagine. I thought I've healed. I thought by ignoring them, I will heal. But maybe not, it's true I will never heal. I can never heal. Yes I forgave them years ago, but I can never forget hahaha I can never forget I'll make sure he regret it. If you think you had win, you choose the wrong girl. 

Can't wait for the day we meet at the court, I'll make sure you regret for being such an as*****

People, you have to be careful these days, it's like you can't trust anybody.