Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


I know that I am not a keen and enthusiastic writer. My urge to write basically and most of the time depends on my mental and emotional state. I found that the more emotional, stressed or sad I get, the more I feel like writing. I feel like I need to in some ways write my thoughts out even if it is not done here, I will find other possible ways to express them out. I'll scribble them down in a piece of paper or I write them in my phone. Sometimes, it feels like if I didn't write my insecurities and problems down I might explode. The main reason for this is probably because I am a very confusing person, on some days I can't understand myself.  I don't know what I actually feel. Am I sad or am I angry? Writing actually helps, a lot because once I read what I had basically wrote then I get sure of what my feelings. There's no doubt anymore. So, I always welcome the freedom to express myself.

We humans in some ways are always vulnerable and there are so many things in life that break us. Negativity is sneaky. Anyone struggling with the same issue, I would like to encourage you guys to just sit back, take a piece of paper and a pen, write your stories. Even if no one is going to read them, you are at ease because at least your intentions are pure. At least you are being honest with yourself.

One thing that always makes me emotional and sad is my papa. I don't know why.