Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


'And We have made some of you as a trial for others: Will you have patience?' - Al-Furqaan 25:20

According to Imam Ahmad, Allah has mentioned the word 'patience' for 90 times in various surah in the Al-Quran. That is enough to show us how important for us Muslims to have some patience in order to succeed and to do great things. And Allah has promised great rewards to those whom are patient with what he/she is tested with.

Patience is actually subjective. You might thought that you are a very compose, understanding and diligent kind of person but others might view it differently. To some people you might be the most impatient person they've ever met, and vice versa. When it comes to subjective things like this, it is important to listen to other people what they actually thought about you but most of the time, I always consider my own opinion as a priority. For that reason, when it comes to patience or self restraint, I do not see myself as an A student or an example to others.

If you ask me one thing about myself that I wish I can change, my answer would definitely be my level of patience and tolerance. I wish I am more patient or sabar. I know that I am not patient enough in certain things. I always told myself  'Liyana, have patience pleaseee' or 'sabar sikit', but there are times where I cannot control myself from being angry. I think that is  somehow link with my personality. I am at times fairly impatient. When it comes to studying I'm often getting stress for not understanding the concept. Plus, I am quite ambitious and a little perfectionist so in some important things, it gets even worse. If I have something that I really want, I tend to push myself until I get it. So, if I am really into something but the end result was not as good as how I expected it to be, I tend to get frustrated and disappointed with myself.

I'm sure some of you guys might relate with this.

I can say that I adapt quite well in terms of the process but if the result is not how I want it to be, then I lose my endurance. Some might think it's good to be persistent in what you actually want in life but deep inside I wish I am more patient and resolute so that even if I didn't achieve what I really want, I will not give up and start things all over again. Looking back, there are certain things and events that makes me regret for being so impatient. I mean things might be better if only I manage to control and restraint myself. Okay not much of a regret actually, because no matter what happened, we can't change the past right? So yeah it's more like a lesson learnt. If something happened because of my lack of tolerance, endurance or anything then I should make sure that it won't happen again.

I'm not particularly proud with the fact but I think that this is something that I need to work on and I'm sure some of you people out there might be dealing with the same issue. Let's keep calm and be cool!

Through patience, great things are accomplished- Imam Ali (AS)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just another girl

I have to admit that sometimes I do not behave like a girl. I mean I hear it all the time 'act like a girl will you?' for most of the acts that I've done be it eating, dressing up, talking or even driving.

To begin with, I have a habit of eating fast, not in the gelojoh manner, it's just my friends and I, we have this habit of not talking when we eat and you know just treasure the food in front of you. Plus I thought it's kind of good to show some respect to rezeki. Not that we get serious all the time when there's food served in front of us, no obviously we are not that mannered lol okay but usually we do all the talking either before or after the food is served to us. So because of that, I usually finish my food faster than other people. I don't find it like a big problem ke apa since if I habis makan cepat, I'll do the waiting and vice versa if I habis makan lambat. The fact that I eat faster than other girls, doesn't make me less of a girl. I don't think that it's such an issue to the extend I have to change the way I eat, the way I speak to be considered as a girl. In the end isn't it too tiring to be pretentious all the time?

The same thing applies to dressing. Just because I don't prefer wearing baju kurung or long skirts and feminine dresses, I am still a lady though. The fact that I'm comfortable with shirts and trousers over everything should not bother you right? It's kind of annoying that some people are so quick in judging other people yet failed to notice his/her own flaws. 

In the end, well I admit that I'm a little bit different but that doesn't make me less of a person or less of a lady. Everyone is different and as the years passed by we all develop our own styles and preferences. As long as the person himself/herself is happy with it, I don't think that we have the right to concern much.


Sunday, 17 January 2016



In a way, aku rasa macam loser gak la sebab dah almost 20 hari 2016 then baru terkedek-kedek nak update blog hahaha. Orang lain malam tahun baru tu terus lepas countdown and bunga api terus menghadap laptop update pasal azam baru and all. Shame on you sis. Tapi nak buat macam mana, I was busy with my finals starting from 28th December until 15th January hari tu. Tau la kan kalau dah exam macam mana, diri sendiri pun tak terurus hahaha ada days yang aku rasa macam nak gi jawab exam tak mandi and pakai baju tidur jer. Tapi bila aku fikir-fikir balik, just lupakan jer niat tu ada ke nak pakai baju tidur tak mandi pleasezz la liyana hahaha plus I read somewhere what you wear during you exam actually influences your mood. If pakai malas-malas, then mood pun akan down and if you choose to wear colourful and dress up sikit, there's tendency that your mood akan okay sikit and you'll feel better. Takde lah suruh kau pakai bling bling menyilau nak jawab exam pun tak boleh pulak tau. 

So kira the fact yang aku finally update something ni okay gak lah. Biasanya after final exams aku akan ambik masa like one or two weeks untuk tidur and rehat jer. Tak fikir apa, tak keluar mana-mana, tak contact kawan-kawan. Just my pesonal time with my movies and drama. Haa time ni biasa nya memang Iolzz tak keluar bilik, siap lah movie marathon dengan korean drama marathon lol. 

Sebenarnya, dah 22 tahun aku malas dah nak kisah pasal azam ke apa. Bagi aku as long as aku hidup as a good person, good daughter, good friend, good student dah la and as long as aku tak give up in pursuing my dreams, then that should be my biggest accomplishment. Malas nak kecoh-kecoh fikir pasal life goals bagai and azam yang tak pernah nak dapat capai. Biasalah aku ni jenis awal-awal semangat, belakang-belakang hampeh. Lagi pun aku rasa banyak sangat benda nak buat dalam hidup ni, aku tak rasa aku dapat list out everything in this short time. That's why these days I choose to be realistic. Just do your best in everything and have faith in yourself, then you're halfway there. 

So my hope in 2016 ni senang jer, kau jangan la mudah nak give up liyana. Kau dah nak habis belajar dah tinggal 3 sem jer lagi. Aku tau la law tak senang, kadang-kadang (actually most of the time) kau rasa macam nak give up and what the heck am I doing with my life bagai but ingat macam ni je lah if kau tak usaha sekarang later kau akan menyesal. You will wish you can turn back time and of course takde negara yang berjaya develop the time mechaine yet so kalau kau tak buat betul betul sekarang, siap la kau nanti. You have to work hard liyana because you like expensive things. And kau jenis yang selalu nak keep your pride on so it might be hard if you have no means to support yourself right? Senang cerita just work hard like you always did. Don't worry much, you are doing fine though.

Last year aku cakap kat kawan-kawan aku before 2016 aku nak jugak ada boyfriend hahahha bongok punya perangai. Maybe time tu aku dah tahap loner dah nak mati kot. Biasa lah konon dah 21 kot takkan nak hidup single sampai sudah sebab masa aku sekolah dulu aku cakap aku nak ada boyfirend once aku dah 21. Ni dah 22 and dah 2016, masih single dan mereput sorang-sorang hahaha pasrah jap. Lagi pasrah bila parents kau keep on tanya kau dah ada boyfriend belum and kau cakap takde, tapi diorang macam 'yekeeeeee'. And bila kau mengadu ke singleness kau kat kawan-kawan, diorang macam question apesal kau single and kena cop 'memilih sangat' which is tak. Aku tak memilih langsung. Takde masa nya aku nak judge orang bagai. Aku tak kisah la pasal that guy handsome ke tak sedar la sikit, kau pun tak cantik mana pun hahahaha. Tak pernah pun cakap  kau kena muka macam artis korea dulu baru datang dekat aku, the heckkkk. Bagi aku as long as hati mu mulia and tulus, kira okay lah. And jangan nak mengongkong and kacau aku nak study malam-malam, dah cukup perfect dah. Dah la liyana jangan nak rant on kau punya loneliness kat sini dah, kat twitter cukup. 


Taken on 31st December, kira okay lah one day before new year.