Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Judging eyes

For all these time I always have an ultimate no to people who don't appear as what they looked like or as how they potrayed themselves to be. In short, I hate hypocrite people. I mean yes we all have those friends who seems like they are very nice, naive and all but then suddenly one day they turns out to be the complete opposite. We all have some 'friends but not really friends", those you thought were your real friends and they've been there all these while sharing your secrets and all but then one day you caught them red-handed talking bad things about you and you feel betrayed, left them behind and not contacted them at all. It's normal. Its just that when you've been burnt by the same fire more than once like me, you'll tend to walk away from these people anymore. You stop asking for them, stop contacting them.

I used to hate those kind of people until one day I realized why am I acting like a 5 year old? Why am I so quick to label others? What's wrong here? What makes them so comfortable talking about me behind my backs, I'm sure there must be something wrong with me too. If I am really a nice person, I'm sure they won't be betraying me. I must have flaws too, I just failed to see them. The thing about us humans, we tend to forgive our own mistakes but we always forget that other people are bound to make mistakes too. So if we can forgive our own, why are we so reluctant to forgive others? Aren't we all humans? No one is holier than another, except with the grace of God.

So I figured out one thing, my friend who appears naive, nice, kind, shy and etc in front of me but behind my back she's the complete opposite, its not because she is a two faced.  But its merely because that's not who she is. She's not the shy type at the first place, maybe she's just pretending to be so because she can't blend in with us. Maybe she's more of a care free person.  Those people who talked about me behind my back might not be good friends but that doesn't make them bad humans. Well, I talk about others too so its expected for others to talk about me. We all live in a community, we interact with each other, we all have clashes in opinions and that's normal.

The next time I want to judge people, I must remember the trick. Not everyone is the same. If it is, the world would be such a boring place.