Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Yeah right a title huh?

Assalamualaikum people,

Yes I'm back lol I'm not sure whether this is something to celebrate or not, am I even welcomed to this place actually? Whatever it is, I'm just going to pretend that my existence is much appreciated, don't worry I'm particularly good at things like that (pretending you're fine and not affected while in reality you are).

So I'm not really sure what to write as honestly there's no huge dramatic life that happen to me the past few weeks. All I did was sleeping, watching movies, drama, more movies, hang out with some friends at malls, plan for holidays (which tak pernah jadi someway somehow). I don't know I feel like being cursed or something. Every time I planned for a holiday with my friends, there must be something get in our way. My friends and I had once planned to go to Krabi this sem break but unfortunately we have to cancel the plan. The latest is last week, Haifa and I planned to have a one night stay at this new resort in Terengganu and have some sort of like a road trip with good food and relaxing time for one or couple of days something but unfortunately Haifa and her family was involved in an accident few days ago and we have to cancel the plan. I heard that their conditions are not really bad except that her mother broke her arm but the rest are fine (only wounded here and there). I pray that everything will be fine. She texted me the night that they had the accident and I was kind of worried. The next day I saw the picture of their accident, with cars being crashed so badly I was shocked because she seemed fine. Personally I didn't expect it to be that bad. Yesterday I heard from Shefa that Haifa's mother is finally discharge, I feel like visiting her probably next week. I feel bad that a friend has to go through such a tragedy and I sincerely pray that everything will be fine for her and her family. InsyaAllah, with every difficulty comes ease. 

Since the day I was informed about Haifa's unfortunate event, I become some sort of paranoid of driving. In simple words, I find myself being more cautious than I used to when it comes to driving. I know to call that as a trauma or a paranoia is kind of annoying because I'm not the one that experience that at the first place and its not that I hope that it will happen to me (hopefully no) but you see the picture of her accident and her car being damaged, affected me so much and it had kind of scared the hell out of me. To begin with, I'm not the type who gets scared easily and of course I bet many of you guys will be saying 'Liyana, there's like thousands accidents happened everyday world wide". I know peeps, I know you guys are not the only smart one here *coughing* but probably because it happened to someone close to me, I cannot avoid myself from develop some sort of negativity you know. I changed in a positive way of course, I started to become more patient, more tolerant and hey I drive slower than I used to lol. I'm not sure this is an achievement,  honestly I'm not sure whether normal person will find this as something to be proud of at the first place, but as someone who obviously lacks in patience (especially when it comes to driving because some Malaysian drivers are really really really...*inserts whatever word that comes to your mind*) I deserve at least a high five or a pat on my back. It's okay *pat myself*

Haifa is the one in the middle. On her right is Ecah and on her left is me. Oh yeah excuse my face, this was taken when I was in semester 4 I was pretty naive back then. I haven't discover the beauty and power of make up yet hahahaha.

Wait a minute, I thought I didn't have anything to share with you guys but what happened, how can this entry be so long hahaha. I discovered that I have this talent of making things or stories longer than they should be. Is this really a talent? For example, if I want to share something with my friends. I will usually take so much time to finish it because I would start from A to Z like I won't miss a thing. My friends always said that listening to my stories be like listening to a case in the court because I won't miss anything in case it can be crucial part of an evidence. What to do, law school makes me like this *roll eyes*

Okay guys, I have some work to do. I'll update something later InsyaAllah. Take care!