Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Adapting myself

I'm not sure how to explain the life I'm living in right now but I guess the perfect word is : adapting

I'm adjusting or adapting myself with this new environment. When I did my BLS (semester one until semester six), I basically won't be in the faculty except if I have classes or I need to do some discussion or reading with my friends. In short, I didn't find spending so much time at such a boring place is good or entertaining, the only reason I was there because of obligation. That's all.

But now I'm in LLB, we have this system 8am to 5pm where you have to punch in at 8 and you may leave the office at the earliest 5pm (read 10pm). I mean even though we can start punch out at 5 but there's so so many work to be done, I'd most of the time came home at night. Crazy isn't it? I mean imagine you have classes to attend, at the same time you have to do all the files, presentation, tests, hearing, trial matters and etc my god you name it. I used to think that I have so many spare time but now hmmmm 24 hours is not enough. I wish I have more! This week is my second week of LLB and  my routine is something like this, woke up at 6am, left home at 7am something then just spent my entire day at the office, finish some work and then spent the whole day with my firm mates. The earliest I came home everyday is at 8 but there are days where I'm still there at 9pm or 10pm. Guess this is the reality once I start my chamber or working. At least I have some experience so later once I start working, I can be like "bring it on"!

On the bright side, my firm mates are so helpful and funny. I do feel pressured  especially when there's important matters need to be figured out but these guys are so hyper to the extend I someway somehow are influenced by this positive vibes. Hahahahahahahaha.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

I'm in LLB now!

Assalamualaikum people!

We are already in the middle of September and  you know what September is all about? Yass new semester! Finally yes finally people, I'm a final year student now. I'm in LLB *wipe tears* Just another plus minus one year then I'm out of this hell and insya Allah, a lawyer! Hopefully 

You know when I was a freshman, I used to be very excited when the school starts like yahoo I can finally go back to campus and do crazy stuffs with my friends hahaha. You know I'm a very simple person like I get excited over simplest things in life as well as I can make smallest things as complicated as hell. So back then things like new semester, new classes really hype me up. However as I grew older I became more dull and more boring (all the blame goes to the thick serious law books I've read for making me like this), I do not see any reasons to get excited over stuffs like that. I have this idea "Alaaa, new semester jerrr punnnn lek lek dah laaa". Only juniors excited over these kind of stuffs, the seniors are usually very laid back and skipped the whole first two weeks of classes to go berjimba and berjoli (have fun). Yup very bad example hahaha. 

I actually skipped the first two weeks of classes last semester at home sleeping and eating, I know I can be very bangang and stupid and Idk you name it so kids please do not do this. I wish I can undo this you know because when I'd realized the fact that I skipped classes only causes me more headache. I skipped that much so basically only god knows how many hours I'd spent on my own to catch up things. Go to class you lazy! I know that I am not an exemplary one at all, not the kind of student whom the educationists are going to be proud of. Honestly I skipped classes sometimes but not that much. I'm not that 100 percent attendance kind of student. I mean its not that I'd never mess up with my attendance but I usually know my limit. Dia macam okay ponteng boleh tu boleh tapi sekali sekala dah la. For every subject dua tiga kali dah cukup kot, do not go over the board by ponteng everything. Hmm yang tu namanya kau berlagak pandai. I usually go to class, sit during the lecturers but you know once in a while if there's something going on, you just don't have any choice, you have to skip it. 

Oh come on why am I talking about skipping classes, how many times I'd skipped my classes and etc.?Why? Why? There's so many things to talk about how can you end up talking about this unhealthy dangerous thing Liyana?

Okay this Monday is going to be my second week in LLB. I'm in Group A, my firm is Firm 1 and someway somehow I was appointed by my firm mates as the Senior Partner (SP). Some of you guys might be wondering what is SP, the job scope and etc. To be honest I'm not sure about it myself but SP is basically the leader of the team. You have to assign things, how the firm works basically depends on the SP (of course other partners play major role as well). I didn't know the importance of having or being a reliable SP when I see and hear stories from my seniors of how the firms turn to shipwrecks due to failure of SP and lack of cooperation from the partners.

I don't know on what basis they appoint me as one, I'm not even sure whether I suit the position or not but I've been thinking about this for one whole week and my conclusion is, it's not about competency not about you are competent for this or not but once you're appointed you have responsibilities to bear, a name to represent and you have to make it work. No matter what. I can just say no at the very beginning but I chose to say yes so I have to do this. The reason why I said yes when my firm mates recommend my name was I thought I can carry the burden. I mean I'd been the class representative for 3 to 4 semesters, I like working with people, leading was never a problem for me. Back in school, I was in the high committee for every clubs that I joined. So I thought nahh this is easy but much that I know, this is really a huge thing. I was really in doubt of my own capabilities the last few days but gained my self consciousness back when I was reminded of my firm mates and how they'd put their trust on me. I mean these people trust me to be their SP, how can I not trust myself?

You can do this. You got this. You're going to be fine. You'll do great!

 These are my firm mates, the people I'm going to spend my whole final year with. Introducing from left: Iasya, Syaza, Ima, me and Kaka. The only guy in our firm is Firdaus. We haven't got the right time to take proper pictures of our firm yet since it has only been a week but insyaAllah by this week, we're going to take pictures. Definitely going to upload them on insta!