Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Monday, 7 November 2016


It's absurd how unfair the world is; I mean look at the world we're living right now. If you have the beauty, if you're the eye candy, if you're rich - you basically have all the attention. Even though most of the time, you didn't earn all that glory at the first place. You didn't deserve it. Pardon me for being so negative and insensitive but that's what I see or experience right now. You have to be pretty to be recognized, or if you're born rich. You basically have everyone on your side. No, I'm not being paranoid or hateful about pretty kids or rich kids, I have no problem with them. I just have an issue with people who totally rely on their look to keep the ball rolling. I mean, come on put some efforts and have some pride will ya? Also, it does bother me how skeptical we have become towards those things, we end up less appreciating our variance. We forgot that some people are born pretty, some are born with the brain, some people are born to do great in music, sports or maybe in arts. Who knows what the future holds?  and I realized  the saddest part is, the one who do all the work, the one who should get all the credits end up unnoticed. 

They say "do not complain, if you want to survive, just do what you've been told to".

This is me being bitter. The end.