Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I'm writing about them. I do.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Today marks the 4th day of 2017,

I guess it's not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year! A year has passed people, I hope everyone achieved their 2016 resolutions, wishes, azam whatever you called it. Actually, I'm not really a new-year kind of person or new-year-resolutions type probably because since the last 4 years what I did during new year's eve was actually preparing for my final exam. Yup, our schedule has pretty much ruined my new year celebrations (including 2016). Usually, what I did on for new year was just a very simple celebration, a little countdown on my own (sometimes on my bed sambil makan kacang), watched fireworks from my 7th floor apartment and shouted 'Happy New Year' to myself.  That's all. I'd never get the chance to actually celebrate the last day of that particular year like what youngsters usually do, people mostly go hang out with friends, having fun and watch fireworks with crowd and all. That's not my case because basically the next few days after the new year, I have to sit for a paper so I;m 'forced' and 'obliged' to study all the law thingy. Studying but deep inside, crying hahahaha.

So yeah as mentioned earlier, I'm not really the new-year kind of person but it's actually pretty nice to see people wishing farewell on the last day of the particular year and at the same time making various and numerous new year resolutions. I'm just happy and glad with the fact that most of the people I know is actually pure at heart, even though usually won't show that side of them. On 31st December or early days of January,  most of the instagram posts or tweets that come across my timeline are all about people wanting to become a better version of themselves. They hope they are one step closer to their dreams, they hope 2017 will be full of blessings, happiness and good memories.  Some people wish that the new year will mark a new beginning for them, some even wished good things for other people. Honestly, that is not something that we can see everyday especially in my circle. All we did all year long are probably the same cycle of things (study-assignment-tests-lecturers-eat-boring stuffs), ranting about how stressful our lives are, how mean some lecturers are, how much we hate the food and etc, but when it comes to new year everyone wish for good things and that is something good to read upon, isn't it?

In my case, 2016 was a memorable year.  Of course, there were a lot of ups and downs but it's okay we're bound to experience each and every of them eventually. I think I'd struggled so much, there were days where I thought I might not make it be it studies or life in general, but now I'm happy because I realize the more I struggle, the more I learnt. I'm not going to write in detail what I'd gone through the last 12 months of 2016 because if I do, this post is going to be super long. All I can say is I will cherish all the good lovely memories I've gained and at the same time I hope I'll  slowly forget all the pains, sufferings, heartbreaking moments I'd experience. It's okay whatever it is, like I've mentioned earlier, they are bound to happen anyway, that's how we grow.

Hopefully 2017 will be a better year.

p/s: This year is not an exception. I'm in my middle of exam weeks. Yesterday was my first paper for this 7th semester. Another 3 papers to go, the last paper is on 14th January. Yahoo but not so yahoo because I have the final trial for Criminal Trial and Advocacy on 19th. Only after that, I can finally be at ease. Whatever it is, wish me luck people! Please make dua for me, pleaseee. Thanks :)