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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Confused me

These days I feel like I can't understand my heart anymore. Like for one moment, I feel like yes I do like this guy in front of me and the next two seconds, I'll be like meh I don't think I'm okay with him. It is quite confusing when your heart changes so fast and you're not even sure whether you should stick to this, go with the flow and decide later or just say it straight on the face about your feelings. I mean I'm not mad with my heart for being so hmm inconsistent because only God knows how crazy life has been and how hectic it must be for this little organ to bear the everything since the last 23 years. I don't blame myself either for my super fast changing feelings/perceptions because  the main reason for that to happen is because I've been through so many shitty things before. I'm not saying all I've been through were dark clouds and shitty history only, of course there's a lot of good memories as well but you know they say, you only remember the bad time. Guess its true lol. So yeah, I'm not going to write in detail about this for now because I am so sleepy. Time to sleep. 


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