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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Its almost the end!

I can't believe that I'm going to end my degree in two weeks. I mean technically speaking I only have two weeks left for classes but if I have to include all the cuti raya and exam, everything might be done around July. Honestly, I can't believe that everything will end soon. I won't say that everything feels like yesterday because obviously its not hahaha. I went through a lot, jumped over the river fire and die (literally) few times before this. I cried myself to sleep for I don't know how many times because I failed or scored badly in my tests. I sacrificed my sleeps for the sake of assignments and presentations. Went through various dramas and small fights with my friends. I remember feeling stupid and  useless when I can't understand the lecture when all my friends seem to absorb everything pretty well, except me.  I'm not saying that these are all good or exceptional things that I went through because I'm pretty sure most of us (students) went through the same routine every single day. I just feel like writing the obvious because yes the obvious is the norm, what to do?  

Back in 2013 or 2014 when I was a first year law student graduating feels like a very far journey, like I won't even bother thinking about it since surviving my law papers was my main intention. In fact there are some days where I feel so demotivated with myself and wonder whether am I going to graduate from this? Can I ever graduate actually? But you see, if you trust yourself and put efforts in what you're doing, everything will be fine.

I remember burning the midnight oil for the sake of law of torts and law of contracts, at that moment those two subjects were like the killer papers. Macam like the hardest ever for a first semester student. Then I move forward and you know started my land law and feels like omg this is ridiculous, I can't understand a thing. Then you know, every time you upgrade yourself to another semester, you discover that the subjects keep getting tougher and at one point, I don't even think which one is harder than the other because all the subjects were hard. Like I can't choose, everything was challenging on their own way. Now, I'm in my final year and even my final semester every time I saw the fellow juniors carrying their torts or contracts book, I'll be like 'aww these kids are so lucky. Enjoy your honeymoon before you guys masuk your llb'. 

Of course I do feel sad about living law school. I'd spent the end of my teen until the early of my 20s here, I do feel attached to this. I don't know how I'm going to end up out there, I don't know what kind of lawyer I'm going to be in the future but I hope I'll a good one. Hopefully, I won't be that one alumni yang malukan faculty sendiri because if you're in your final year, that is one of the thing that the lecturers will always advise you on. Never embarrass the faculty. However even though ada lagi two weeks of classes, the workload still so banyak. I still have few tests, assignments, trials and presentations to be completed before raya. So pray for me guys. I feel nervous because the time is super limited but I want to be positive about this. I keep telling myself its okay liyana you can do this. You can bear the stress, handling the stress and pressure is part of your life anyway hahaha. That's what I've been doing the last few years kan. You did fine for the last 4 years, you're going to do the same lagi 2 minggu ni kan?

I guess I should end this because I need to do my work. I have to submit an assignment tomorrow. My life is so freaking fun right? 

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