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Friday, 14 July 2017

Mi updato (oh whatever I just create this randomly but its supposed to mean 'my update'. Does it sounds spanish?)

I'm in the middle of my final examination. InsyaAllah this is my last ever final examination provided that I didn't fail any of the papers, hopefully I won't (pray for me guys). Actually, I only have one paper or subject left which is Ethics on 19th and after that I'll be done with all the exams. I can pack all my things and enjoy my last semester break ever kot. Eh  not really because I still have my trials and viva to go through so I think I might be done with everything by the end of the this month I guess. Aminn. Can't believe this is ending, soon. It took literally 5 years (one year of foundation and four years of degree) to end law school, to get my law certificate. I feel sad urgh come on, of course you would girl, you spent your whole 5 freaking years to this. I'm just thankful I'm in this course and my educational journey has been quite smooth sailing too so yup life has been good. I'm blessed. I'm going to write in detail about everything when I have time to spare later okay.


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